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Jason Purdy & Yan Li: Writer Pals

Photo credit: Kate Purdy

Sweet Nothings 


 A psychological horror musical about doing greatest evil in the pursuit of the greatest good.

  • Developed at NYU. Reading directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein (Ann), featuring Margo Seibert (Rocky).

  • Selections featured in 2013 Asian American Composers and Lyricists Concert at Signature Theatre, directed by Alan Muraoka

  • 2014 - 2015 Portsmouth University Dramaturgy Project.

  • 2015 Cap 21 Writer's Residency


(with story and additional words by Yan Li)

An original, one-act, Chinese, ghost story employing Kuaiban and shadow play.

  • Commissioned by Leviathan Lab for an evening of Asian ghost stories, 2014.

  • Directed by BD Wong, curated by Robert Lee   



Two friends escape their retirement home into elaborate travel fantasies. 

  • Commissioned by Prospect Theatre Company for the 2014 Musical Theatre Lab.       

  • Presented Barrington Stage Company in 2015

  • Presented by National Asian Artists Project 2016 Discover:          New Musicals

Photo credit: Dev Bondarin; Left to right: Barry Shafrin, Anthony Willis Jr., Karl Joseph Co, Laura Beth Wells, David Perlman, Diane Phelan, Greg Horton, Victoria Huston-Elem


Exploring the 1870s fossil feud between Edward Drinker Cope and Charles Othniel Marsh. A story of cowboys and dinosaurs set  in the silhouettes of ancient shadow puppets, the sounds of the frontier, and the limits of the imagination of the gigantic. 

Photo Credit: Eric Bondoc

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