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Wings of the Dove

A Southern Gothic Musical

Adapted from Henry James

Music & Lyrics by Jason K Purdy

Book by Jason K Purdy & Marcy Amell


It is the year 1900 in Savannah, Georgia.

Kate Croy is devastated by the loss of her mother and trapped by her parasitic family. The threat of poverty lingers overhead. Her Aund Maud promises security but Kate must marry who Maud chooses. And Kate wants to marry Merton Densher: a scrappy, honest-to-a-fault journalist with no family money to speak of. 

When Kate befriends the dynamic, kind heiress Milly Theale, she feels she's found some comfort and companionship. But Milly has secrets of her own, and as Kate's suspicions about Milly's health grow, it becomes clearer and clearer that there is a way out of Kate's predicament.

If she can stomach it. 

Wings of the Dove is about love, conscience, scraping whatever happiness one can out of nothing, and the impossibility of navigating a world that was broken when you got there. 

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